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Anyone can start a business and have a prosperous future. Many business owners outside the U.S. dream of starting an American business too…but how can you get a business EIN (Employer Identification Number, add phone) if you are not a U.S. citizen?

The truth is, entrepreneurs who are not U.S. citizens still have the ability to start a business in America and get EIN, an important federal tax ID known as the business EIN. Having an EIN makes your business a legal entity in the eyes of the government regulatory authorities, which means you can legally operate and pay taxes to the IRS. There’s just a slightly different process for non-U.S. citizens to apply for and receive a business EIN.

Here is what you need to know about the process for non-U.S. citizens or foreign resident business owners to get a business EIN in the U.S.:

Getting a Business EIN: You Don’t Need a Social Security Number
Many people think that you must have a Social Security Number (SSN) to get a business EIN, but this is a misconception. Non-U.S. citizens who own businesses can still get a business EIN even if they do not have SSNs. Social Security Numbers are for individual persons, while business EINs are for business entities; these two different types of tax IDs are handled differently by the IRS.

You May Need an Individual Taxpayer ID Number
While you don’t need to have an SSN to register a business EIN, it does make the process simpler. This is because the getting an EIN online requires users to have a valid (ITIN) Individual Taxpayer ID Number, Click here to Apply for ITIN Now. Non-U.S. citizens or “foreign persons” typically cannot get a U.S. Social Security Number, but there is another option of taxpayer identification called the “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” (ITIN).

However, the ITIN only allows you to apply for your EIN online if your business is going to be incorporated / registered in the U.S. States. To Apply Call : +1(347)303-7148 or Email to : (Apply Now corporation link or call).

Foreign Persons Applying for a U. S. Business EIN:
If you have no SSN, no ITIN and your business is located (or going to be located) in the U.S., you can still apply for a business EIN. However, the process is more complicated because you are not allowed to apply for the EIN online. To get your business EIN as a foreign person Call : +1(347)303-7148 or Email to :

There are a few options for how to file the EIN application form as a foreign person. First, you cannot file this form online (unless you have an ITIN as discussed above). So you’ll need to choose how you want to file by phone, fax, or mail. You have to choose only one application method, and you cannot file the form by multiple methods. Since each method is slightly different, you have to decide whether to apply by phone, fax or mail based on what will works best for your situation. Call : +1(347)303-7148 or Email to :

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